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Balancing Mechanism

This group of pages contains information regarding the balancing mechanism. The balancing mechanism works such that after gate closure National Grid is able to adjust the output of units within the parameters set by units dynamic data and based upon the prices submitted by each generating unit.

The BM Bid Offer Profiles pages show BM unit physical profile data and Bid Offer Acceptance Levels.

The BM Unit Dynamics pages show show BM Unit dynamic data (e.g. notice to deviate from zero and ramp rates).

The Bid Offer Acceptance Volume and Cashflow pages show Period Total Bid-Offer Acceptance volumes alongside Estimated Bid-Offer Cashflow data.

The BOD (Prices and Volumes) pages show BM Unit Bid Offer Data, which includes the bid and offer prices at which units have been willing to increase or decrease their output.

The TBOD pages show total bid offer data.

The Indicative System Price Stack pages show indicative system price stack data. This includes a list of all accepted balancing mechanism actions in a given half hourly period.

This summary information or data is indicative data only and is derived from balancing mechanism reporting service data (which is copyrighted by ELEXON Ltd who makes it available without warranty).