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Balancing Services

This group of pages contains information on balancing services. This currently includes non-BM STOR volumes (BM STOR will be accounted for in normal data) and DISBSAD (disaggregated balancing services adjustment data). EnAppSys provides consultancy on the data behind these services with valuations of revenue streams and reports for instance on Mandatory Frequency Response. To find out more contact info@enappsys.com.

The BSAD pages show disaggregated balancing services adjustment data. Where appropriate the costs and volumes of procuring Balancing Services outside of the BM are also fed through into the calculation of System Prices (SBP and SSP), in the form of Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) and also, for post P217 Settlement Dates, Disaggregated BSAD (DISBSAD) and NG ESO Trades.

The STOR Volume (Non-BM) pages show non-BM STOR instructed volume data. STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) is needed because at certain times of the day National Grid needs reserve power in the form of either generation or demand reduction to be able to deal with actual demand being greater than forecast demand and/or plant unavailability. Where it is economic to do so, National Grid will procure part of this requirement ahead of time through STOR.

This summary information or data is indicative data only and is derived from balancing mechanism reporting service data (which is copyrighted by ELEXON Ltd who makes it available without warranty).