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What the NETA Reports Web-Service Provides

What is the NETA Reports Web-Service ?

Welcome to the NETA Reports website. This service provides access to data and information on the GB electricity market utilising Elexon market data as well as data from additional sources such as APX, LEBA, Meteo Group, Spectron etc.

For some of the services available at this site data is available in real-time via a TIBCO link providing information as it happens as part of live market monitoring tools and data access. The data available extends from notification metering, renewables/weather forecasting, settlement and market pricing data among other data sources. In some cases this data goes back as far as 2001.

What Exactly do I get for my Subscription ?

The NETA Reports web-service focuses on carrying out the task of fetching data files from Elexon, decoding those data files into meaningful data, putting it in a database, maintaining the hardware and software and providing an interface for getting that data out again in an as frictionless a manner as possible. As part of this we are always reviewing our processes and expanding the range of services we offer to our customers.

Subscription levels range from basic access to a limited section of the database as CSV or XLS data files. Enhanced levels of data access allow for access to pre-processed data streams, for instance by fuel or by power station data readily downloadable at half-hourly or daily level from cached data files. Further subscription levels give access to graphical interfaces and monitoring screens.

Access to the data and graphical interfaces is based different segments for which access can be individually assigned with discounts offered when taking subscriptions to multiple segments of the overall package. This means that you can choose to only subscribe to the sections you need rather than having to subscribe to the whole package.

The range of data available can be viewed by navigating round the site and parts of the sites can be accessed by guest accounts (created by registering). This includes access to the most basic charts on our graphical interfaces and we encourage you to register for a free account.

Further services are available from EnAppSys including bulk data downloads, consultancy services and reporting services and details on these and the above services can be requested by contacting info@enappsys.com.

It is also possible to set up trial access to some of the graphical interfaces, although trial access is not given to data downloads since these allow export of large volumes of data out of the site.

Please feel free to take a look through the site and if you have any questions get in touch on 01642 671111 and we can explain further.